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How can we get an expression from a measure?

Hi I would like to understand why I am not able to see my measures values

I am creating the request this way:


  qInfo: {

  qId: 'mysessionobject',

  qType: 'list'


  qMeasureListDef : {

  qType: "measure", qData: { title: "/title", tags: "/tags", measure: "/qMeasure"  },

  qInitialDataFetch: [{

  "method": "GetLayout",

  "handle": 2,

  "params": [],

  "outKey": -1,

  "id": 4



And printing it out to the console like this:

  myObject.forEach(element =>{

  console.log(element.qMeta.title + ' : ' + element.qMeta.description + ' : ' + element.qMeta.measure);



What returns to my console is this:

Sales : Sum of sales amount. : [object Object]

So qMeasure is not returning the expression you know how this can be fixed?

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