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How do I format a data in 'JAN2015' format?

I'm trying to format all of my dates into a single format.  I have been using one code (below) for most of the data sets, but I recently came across a data set containing dates in 'JAN2015' format.   How would I need to alter the code below?

Date(Date#("date",'MMYYYY'),'M/D/YYYY') AS DATE,

Thank you,


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Re: How do I format a data in 'JAN2015' format?

May be this:

Date(Date#("date",'MMMYYYY'),'M/D/YYYY') as DATE,


Date(Date#(Capitalize("date"),'MMMYYYY'),'M/D/YYYY') as DATE,

Contributor II

Re: How do I format a data in 'JAN2015' format?

On a related note, I am also trying to combine two date series (Year column and Month Column) into a single Date column.   Would you be able to help me with this?