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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to Custom sort in QS treemap

Hi everyone,

As we all know ,QS has a default sort in Treemap (From large to small). But my clients want to custom sort. So  have any ideas? Or Any extensions?



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I´m think there is no possible to do that in Treemap, even you use an expression. It´s allways sort using the measure value and there is no sorting option at properties panel.

You can try a vertical bar chart wich can customize the sorting field.

Best regards,


Contributor III
Contributor III

There is no direct option

BUT in my case i gave a size and able to achieve it till some extent ..

we can divert its property with the use of a measure..give a size to the dimension for each row..

ie add a size column which is like  1.00001000(ex: highest,1.1.00000999 next highest,..so on

and this size in ur measure..you can check the picture below