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How to Leverage QlikSense to Get a List of Dimensions?

Hello all,

I'm currently working on making a return form that embeds itself within qlik and exports select Data from qlik as a tab delimited text file.

I have set up the HTML and php code to set up the framework and actions. Using this I can output a text file using user text input, but what I would like is to be able to have what are currently text input boxes be populated as a list of the fields available given selections already made in other selection boxes on the list.

Currently I am working with the QlikMaps extension and am looking to use Javascript and HTML DOM functions (such as .innerHTML) to populate the lists which are of type <datalist>. However I've run into two significant roadblocks that I'm looking for answers to:

  1. How do I get an array of the values inside of a column? For instance, if I had a column in my data that was state, could I get it to return an array of states in a form such that JavaScript can recognize such that I can loop through the array to populate my HTML?
  2. Can I used just JavaScript to perform the above? Or do I need to use jQuery / AngularJS to access the API Engine?

Thank you.