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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to Save variable value to use it next time

Hello All,

Not sure if this is even possible in Sense. I did it in Qlik view and it works. I have a variable vTest and i have a button, on click of that button i set vTest variable as 5 (initially it was 0) and save the application. (2 actions on one button.This variable i use in next run. 

I am trying same thing in Sense but every time i save and refresh the browser variable value goes back to original value.

Step i am doing -

Step 1: Click on a button. 

Step 2: It set the vTest variable to 5 and save the app.

Step 3: I close the app and open again. (I should see vTest value as 5 but it's not the case)


What i am doing wrong or is it not possible in Sense.




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