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How to create a mashup with several pages?


I created a mashup with several 3 pages but cant seem to be able to get dev-hub to recognise the other 2 pages. In page 1, I have "qvplaceholder" 01-08, in page 2, I have 09-15 and page 3 has 16-24.

When I go on to the preview page, I can drag and drop visualisations to all placeholders in page 1. But page 2 and 3 do not allow me to add them. One workaround I have found is that if I create all placeholders in page 1, I can then copy them over to the other pages and they work fine.

The problem with this is when I navigate to my mash-up (and log on), I am taken to page 1. I then make some selections and go to page 2/3 (by clicking on a link in my mashup navigation bar) but the selections do not persists. I have noticed that when I click on a link for page 2/3, the "qlikTicket" in the URL is not passed on. I can manually copy and paste the ticket to the URL on page 2/3 and my selections persist across each page.

What is the best way to tackle this? Do I need to pass on the ticket to each page? And if so how?

But even if I do pass on the ticket, I am still left with the problem that the dev-hub doesn't seem to recognise more than a single html page as I am not able to drag and drop visuals on to pages 2 and 3.

Can someone please help me out?

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Master III

It is weekend. People are busy with all kinds of things away from their PC.

Give it a few days before bumping (it again if nobody responds).

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ok thanks