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How to create and debug an include file in QlikSense?

Hi All!

I have created a subroutine with my section access code. I call the subroutine when I need it and it works fine in the qliksense editor. Now, I want to save this subroutine in an external .qvs-file and include it in my script. This way I can re-use the same subroutine in other apps. I do this:

//Include Section Access file



Unfortunately I get an error when doing this and I cant even debug this. The error message is "Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again." No clues at all from this error message what could be wrong. When I try to debug this it just runs through without any problems. Seems to skip the variables or something.

I tried with .txt files as well.

Any suggestions?



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Re: How to create and debug an include file in QlikSense?

Never mind. I just realized that Im not reading correctly. The code should be:

  1. //Include Section Access file
  2. $(Must_Include=lib://QDFSharedSUB\MySectionAccesCode.qvs);