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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to get value of expression in Pivot Table


I have 4 data filters, name from M+0 to M+3, for each filter it has one column with three values, 1,2,3. There is a variable which allow user to change manually in the report, if user changed the variable then the value in the pivot value need to change accordingly:

If I use following expression, then I can get the correct expression for each column:

='GetFieldSelections([M+'&"=If(Left(LT.Month,4) = 2019, Right(LT.Month,2) + 0, Right(LT.Month,2) + 12) - '$(CurrentMonth)'"&'.Val])',




I would like to get the value for this expression, please kindly help me know how to do it.





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Creator III
Creator III

I'm not sure I understand what you want to do. If you want the expression to show a result, use dollar sign expansion to calculate the If statement, and also to get the value of CurrentMonth:

=GetFieldSelections([M$(=If(Left(LT.Month,4) = 2019, Right(LT.Month,2) + 0, Right(LT.Month,2) + 12)) - $(=CurrentMonth).Val])

There may be an error in this, because I don't have those fields in a Qlik app, so I can't test it properly. Let me know if it works.