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How to make 2 table look different ?

Hi All

I have create 2 table in one sheet.

My issue is these 2 table are different table. one is sales table another one is P&L table.

it there a way i can make the table black ground color different ? one black and one is white ?

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Re: How to make 2 table look different ?


Please check if this could help you.

If are okay with the idea, mention the color code within RGB() that you prefer. Under the Background color expression for each column.

I don't think there is a possibility to make the whole table background color changed in default table. You may have to look for extension.


Re: How to make 2 table look different ?

In the Feb 2018 Qlik Sense Update one of the new features is the ability to

custom style your app better.

I would recommend waiting for the update.

Qlik Sense February 2018 Technical Preview is now available

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Re: How to make 2 table look different ?

Thank you very much ,this is what I am looking for.

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