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How to make calender


Please Follow the below scenario:



2016001  Apr
2016002  May
2016001  Jun
2016003  July
2016005   Aug
2016006   Sept
2016007   Oct
2016008   Nov
2016009    Dec
2016010  Jan
2016011 Feb
2016012 March
2016013 March
2016014 March
2016015 March

There is period column. User Wants that 01 from 2016001 should be converted in Apr  and so on but last number as mentioned above that are 13, 14, 15 should be converted in March only.

And on that basis wants the calendar should be started from April only.

I used below mentioned script but sales not coming correct . Please Help me




   if(right(Period,2)>=12,12,right(Period,2)) as Periods,


FROM [lib://Data/MakeDate.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);



Load Sales,Date(MakeDate(left(Period,4),Periods),'DD/MM/YYYY') as MD

Resident vw_vil_acctrans;

Please help me.

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Re: How to make calender

I think you should connect your period-field with a normal master-calendar and a fiscal-calendar and/or using an As-Of-Table. Here you will find many informations and examples about: How to use - Master-Calendar and Date-Values.

- Marcus