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How to properly convert DateTime into Date for line graph.

I am experiencing something very odd. I have a value called "CreateDate" This value is a DateTime. On my table I am not having any issues at all using Date(CreateDate) to show the value as a Date and not Date Time. the issue comes from my line graph where I am trying to create a trend line for created reports. I am using CreateDate on X axis and hoping to give a Count(Tickets) for the Y axis. My problem is even with Date(CreateDate) as my Dimension, it is still splitting up my XAxis into Times and not just Days as I am trying for. Please See attached.

If anyone knows why this is happening I would love some feedback. The basis of this is to create a trend line of Reports created per Day value and not minute.


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Re: How to properly convert DateTime into Date for line graph.

Qlik will split into Date and Time in the diagonal If there is space concern. May be do format with needed?

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