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How to separate table columns in Sense 3.0 Widget


It looks to me that repeating the cell data is the only way to show the table data in Widget like below:

  <tr ng-repeat="row in data.rows">

   <td style="text-align:right" ng-repeat="cell in row.cells">




Does any one know how to separate the data by columns?

I can't remove any of the ng-repeat lines above otherwise the table does not show any data. The way I have defined above for the alignment to right works for the entire table. How can I make the text columns left aligned and number columns right aligned? Or make the first column centre aligned and he second column right aligned?



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Re: How to separate table columns in Sense 3.0 Widget


I come across in the same problem. With creating custom KPI had no problem in adding functionality with css.But with table ...how can we add color expressions functionality in the seetings of the table if the we can not separate the data by columns?

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