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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to stop future month prediction in Cumulative sum?

Hi Guys,

I have two table

  1. Showing Actual Revenue from Jan 2019 to Sep 2019
  2. Showing Predicted Revenue from Jan 2019 to Dec 2019

I am trying to create cumulative bar chart to show how much we were suppose to earn and how much we have actually earned and how much more to achieve?

I am using following expressions

  • For Cumulative Revenue  = rangesum( above( sum(Revenue),0,rowno()))
  • For Cumulative Target  =  rangesum( above( sum(Target),0,rowno()))

This how my chart looks like...


Here is the problem is...

I do not have Revenue data for (Oct, Nov & Dec) Still the chart is projecting those value. How do I stop it doing so?


Please refer to the attached  sample QVF application and Sample Data.

Thank you

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have a look at the attach example 


You can also try like this... but this might become a problem if you happen to have a month without Revenue in your actual data

If(Sum(Revenue) <> 0, RangeSum(Above(Sum(Revenue), 0, RowNo())))
Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you Sunny. It worked.