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How to use master measure item as dimension

Good Day

I have loaded my data from an excel file.  In the data is a field name "no of cartons". 

I have created a bar chart where the "measure" is "no of cartons" and dimension is "intake week" and subsequently created various other visualization where I use "no of cartons".

Subsequently I have created a "master measure" item called "standard cartons" where I use the number of cartons and through a "sumif" function it calculates the standard cartons.  This is done as the excel file did not contain the "standard carton" data.  This all works fine and I have recalculated the data - the standard cartons are calculating correctly.

However I would now like to see the chart with "standard cartons" - I know I can add it as a measure - then it shows both "standard cartons" and "no of cartons" - BUT I would like to have the set up - where I can select to view the chart EITHER with "standard cartons" OR with "no of cartons".  I do not want to keep editing the chart - I want basically like a "selection tool" where I can choose to view my chart in "standard cartons" or "no of cartons".

Thanks for any help.


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