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Hyperlink local path/folders

Hey Guys,

I am wondering if Qlik Sense is able to access local stored data the same way as the URL function for websites. Have been looking this up for a quiet a while and I still havent found a solution...


You shoul be able to click on any %Folder_PK / Root Folder to open up the file and or the location in windows explorer. Atleast thats whats required, wheter this is possible or not..

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Hyperlink local path/folders

Also looking for an answer to this question.  I know I can use URL via the Representation attribute of the Data column, but I have files stored in a local server and need to pass the UNC for the location using the file name, such as this:

='\\a-pqlk-qsc-z1\QlikDataStore\Enterprise\External Data\Test\TestFile_01052018\' &File_Name 

It would also be nice to change the label of the column to something like 'PDF' instead of the entire UNC path...

Thanks in advance!