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Implicit select to one of the records selected by filter pane if the option has two records

Hi Guys,

I expect my case is a bit confusing.

This is the data that I have

City IdModalityQ1Q2Q3

I created dashboard for this sort of data, alright! My issue is when I select Auckland from the filter pane, I got 2 records which is fine, I wanted to show in two different tables : Data for KI, and the data for HH according to the modality, the issue is I always get the data for the KI right but I could not write correct equation to get the yes and no displayed correctly for HH. Could you please help me if I can choose which record I need to get from the filter selection without adding filter with KI/HH.

I tried this but never worked for me: in KPI

IF(count(if([0.KI/HH] ='KI',1,0)) > 0 and ([27.Security issue] = 'Yes' or [27.Security issue] = 'No' ) ,[27.Security issue], 'No Answer')

Please note that I don't want to let the user select KI or HH, I wanted to do this in the code behind & I want to show the output as KPI. Otherwise it will be easy to use tables.

Thanks, -H

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