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Import same QVD twice by Data Manager in Sense


I need to import twice (or 3-more times) the same qvd into a model (e.g. multiple qvd containing a sort of master calendar) using Data Manager.

Once I've upload the first in a model and creating a demo sheet, I've tried to import the same qvd again but I have a problem: the original structure of the first qvd is overwritten with the new choosen fields, changing its structure and consequently the associations can also be broken. Other side effect is that in the frontend the system is changing autonomously the source fields in the formulas...

Any suggestion on how to solve it?


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Re: Import same QVD twice by Data Manager in Sense


You can using Qualify statement for qualification of field names


and using NoConcatenate to avoid two or more tables with same struct merge into one table

NoConcatenate ‒ Qlik Sense


An Pham

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Re: Import same QVD twice by Data Manager in Sense

‌thank you An.

but I’m looking a solution within the data manager functionalities without unlocking the auto generated script (and so loosing the data manager options).


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