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Contributor III
Contributor III

Increase 200 MB data load file limit

QlikSense Enterprise server. How do you increase 200MB data load file limit.



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Is that Enterprise or Cloud?

I am not connected to Enterprise right now, but perhaps there is a hard limit on file to drag and drop. This space is intended for smaller files.

The better alternative in Enterprise/Desktop is to place the files on a network share and then set up a connector to the share. There will be no hard limits on the file size -- disk space and RAM will be the limits.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for reply. 2 follow up question.

Should i create content library or create connection to a folder on server.

If i create connection to the folder on server, do you end user need access to folder security or it is taken care off via connection mechanism of QlikSense application. 




Here is an example script on how to increase the limit for Qlik Sense Enterprise Server.


In general, if you want to load files, good to place it onto a folder in the drive rather than doing like this way.  Create a data connection and specify the path. The service account which you are running Qlik Sense Services need to have privilege to the folder.