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Interval Match help


I am having trouble with the interval match function in the data load script and was wondering if anyone could help. I have used the following code with other data and it has worked fine, however, I copy/pasted the code and changed the source table names and now it does not work with the new data. Basically, it appears to be working up until I use the drop fields command. Once I drop the fields, the whole table appears to have the values "-" (Image: After Dropping Fields). If I view the data without dropping the fields (image: "Null Values"), I am able to link the values, but I get null values in the "Start Time" field in some cases and also have a syn table. Can anyone assist me on how to link the MES Data table to the Schedule table so that I can add a field called "Shift" to MES Data that shows which shift was ran depending on the "Shift Start" field? Also just to clarify, I have two fields ("Test" & "Start Time") that are used to extract the time value from the field "Shift Start". I noticed that because shift start was formatted as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss TT the interval match would not work because the date portion. Even formatting it by using timestamp still kept the date values but only displayed the time portion of it in the fields.