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Involve Date in expression

Hi, I would to create two KPI whereby count the number of project is in Start Phase as at today and as at 1/12/(This year)

The following expression is what i try to write but fail:

Count({$<Phase={Start}, ([Start Date] <= {'Today()'}, ([End Date] <= {'Today()'} )>}Phase)

Count({$<Phase={Start}, ([Start Date] <= {'MakeDate(Year(Today()),12,1)'}, ([End Date] <= {'MakeDate(Year(Today()),12,1)'})>}Phase)

ProjectPhaseStart DateEnd Date
Project 1Tender1/6/201530/6/2016
Project 1Start1/7/20161/2/2017
Project 2Tender1/3/201530/8/2015
Project 2Start1/9/20153/10/2016
Project 3Tender1/8/20161/9/2017

Thanks in advance

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Re: Involve Date in expression

Please try to avoid duplicate posts.

I think this is pretty much the same as

Date in expression

It just makes it hard to follow a discussion and clutters the forum with redundancy.