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Is Cloud style URL sharing coming to Enterprise?

In Cloud, you can right click a visual and generate a URL that links directly to the visual and retains and applied selections. See the video below for reference. https://qcc.qlik.com/pluginfile.php/57471/mod_resource/content/12/Howto_EmailViz/Howto_EmailViz.html

Having this feature in Enterprise would be great. It doesn't have to be exactly the same. I would be happy if the URL took to me to the sheet with the applied selections. You can already manually create URLs that do this. Having the URL created automatically through a right click menu would be really awesome.

An alternative would be to allow publishing community bookmarks. However, the auto generated URL method is preferred as you can copy/paste it into email/IM.

We are on the November 2017 release and will be upgrading to the June 2018 release soon.