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Issue with Data manager when Concatenate tables

Hi all !

I'm trying to load some files with same structure (106 fields... ... ...) by using the Data manager. Each files contains data for a month.

Refer to Managing data in the app with the Data manager ‒ Qlik Sense, there's no pb to do this.

I began by added 1st file.

Then I added added the 2nd file.

The result is :

2 sources

Each field is now prefixed by source name

Sense generate a Synthetic key with the 106 fields !

When analyzing the result with the data model, I understand what happend :

3 fields of this file are understand as geographical data => At this time, no new fields appears with coordinates.

When adding the 2nd file, Data manager understand the 1st table WITH the futur new fields.

So Synthetic key, Prefixing fields, ...

My way to correct :

After loading the 1st file, I change the type of the 3 fields understanding as geographical data (I say that it's standard data).

When adding the 2nd file => No pb ! Both files are concatenated.

I personnaly see that as an issue because this geographical data don't exists when preparating data..

I hope I was clear and someone can tell me if I made a mistake or not.

thanks for you attention !