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Issue with Developer Hub

i have installed Qlik Sense Desktop on my machine, I tried to open developer hub using following URL:


However I am unsuccessful in doing that. (attached screenshot). I tried to download require,js using following URL which failed too:


Help me out in this regard.

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Re: Issue with Developer Hub

Can you try using the Chrome Browser?

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Re: Issue with Developer Hub

HI ,

First You need to open the qliksense Desktop  installed on your machine, then type the URl http://localhost:4848/dev-hub it will work , irrespective of Browser

Note: It can only opened on the Browser , when your qliksense desktop is running..



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Re: Issue with Developer Hub

Hi Kavita,

As Shree909 has suggested, the dev-hub / Local host with port 4848 can be accessed only when the desktop version is up and running. Only when you are on the server you do not need to worry about this. And preferably make use of Chrome or Firefox for your development.

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