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Issue with Qliksense April-2018 (Version 12.6)

Hi all ,

I just update Qliksense server to from Nov-2017 to Apr-2018 because I want to solve some issue (Bug with dimension color)

And I found some new problem.

1) The default object has change! This is matter to me , Since the old version It was "Filter Pane" have to be default when you drag & drop Dimension to dashboard and it loading very fast. But in the new version The default object has changed to be like a table?? and loading time is so long. How to change the default object to be "Filter pane" ? this is a big problem to me and users.

2) When perform reloading app, 3-7 times popup has showing in design page with message "Reload in progress". In the old version show once!

3 The dimension color problem is still occur I think. When I create a bar chart with a measure and a dimension ,Let say I have measure "Revenue"  and "ProductClass1" as a dimension with colors configuration.  When I setting color from "Single color" to be "By Dimesion"
It still not working the color was not showing correctly. It shown only the grey. And I found that I have to change dimension name from "ProductClass1" to be "Dimension 1" in set up list box? That's so strange .

4) It look like Qliksense process have consume more memory 3x from the old version.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Issue with Qliksense April-2018 (Version 12.6)


1. The object has changed, so you will have to manually change the objects. This is the only way. This will change your object ID as well. You might have to rework some of the mash ups that were built using that object I.

2. That is the new process. It is somewhat different in the June edition but that is the process now.

3. That is sadly true. The processes take a lot of memory in the application/server. If you are using a single node environment, you will have to ramp up your memory and may be the processes.

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