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Issue with Venn Diagram expression

Good morning all

I am using the Venn diagram extension created by Juan Gerardo (@jgerardoc) and I cannot work out how to get it to show any results.

Attached is my sense application, basically I want the venn diagram to show the count of all permission set objects against the selected user 1 and user 2, where the left figure shows all the objects only in the user 1 profile, the right shows all the objects only in user 2 profile and the middle figure shows all the objects in both user profiles

any help would be appreciated. i am also using the alternate state extension to allow the selection of two different items within the same field.

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Re: Issue with Venn Diagram expression

Hey Lee,

You could try the Venn diagram created by Vizlib, it supports many circles and also has lots of customisable settings, maybe if you have an issue and reach out to them they can help you.

Vizlib Venn Diagram

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