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Issue with if conditional with wildmatch expression

Hello everyone,

In front end, I have used conditional wildmatch expression to show / hide the columns, but it's taking too much time to load a table chart. plesae suggest how can I improve the performance or modify the expression. In business field I have three different values.






Column 1:- Expression is :-

if(wildmatch(getfieldselections(Business),'ABC'), 1, 0)


if(wildmatch(getfieldselections(Business),'XYZ'), 1, 0)


So if I select business=ABC or XYZ then only a column 1 will be visible, but if I select XXX as business this column should be hidden.

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Re: Issue with if conditional with wildmatch expression

you could try
if(wildmatch(getfieldselections(Business),'ABC','XYZ')>0, 1, 0)
also if you are looking at exact matches use match function instead of wildmatch as the performance is better.
But more on performance. If you remove the condition is it better?
MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Issue with if conditional with wildmatch expression

I assume that you have rather a general performance issue with your object and/or the datamodel as an issue with the condition of your expression. Nevertheless you could try to change it to:

wildmatch(getfieldselections(Business),'*ABC*', '*XYZ*')

- Marcus