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KPI Expression checking

Hi Folks,

Please find the below snippets.

when user selects Temp Filter as "Critical" or "Hot", the first KPI (Type1 Critical/Hot) no need to vary. It will be fixed.

In the below pics it was varying the values.


Please find the below expression, i am using for this KPI.(Type1 Critical/Hot)

=If(Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max(WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max(WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max(WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max(WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))

How to static it?

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Re: KPI Expression checking

Sorry but what is your question?

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Re: KPI Expression checking

Hi Manish,

I want to show it as Static.

Ex:- If Temp Filter selected as "Critical" - 10 and "Hot"-10

Re: KPI Expression checking

Try one of this..

=If(Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({<Temp>}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({<Temp>}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({<Temp>}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({<Temp>}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))


=If(Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({1<Temp>}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({1<Temp>}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({1<Temp>}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({1<Temp>}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))


=If(Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({1}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({1}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({1}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({1}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))

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Re: KPI Expression checking

Thank you its working fine for Temp Filter.

If i select Type filter as "Type2" - Type1 Critical/Hot KPI is should show the value is '-'.

Can you help with this..

Re: KPI Expression checking

What is the exact field name?

Which expression works find from above... 1st 2nd or 3rd?

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Re: KPI Expression checking

I tried with 1st one, its working fine.

The field name is "Type"

Re: KPI Expression checking

if possible provide sample data..

or try

=If(Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({<Temp=,Type>}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({<Temp=,Type>}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({1<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max({<Temp=,Type>}WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max({<Temp=,Type>}WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))

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