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KPI is not working in QlikSense.

Hi Folks,

I have a Temp Filter - Critical,Hot,Wild,Harm

when i select Critical, i want to show the Critical value in 2KPI's

please find the below queries..


=IF(Count({<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max(WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max(WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max(WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max(WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))


=IF(Count({<[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max(WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max(WeekNo))"}>}Ticket)>0,

Count({<[Type 1 Count]={'1'},WeekNo={">=$(=Max(WeekNo)-12)<=$(=Max(WeekNo))"}>}Ticket))

It was showing wrong values, Please correct me where i did mistake


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Re: KPI is not working in QlikSense.

When you say wrong values, what are you getting now? Value for both Critical and Hot?

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Re: KPI is not working in QlikSense.


if i select Temp as "Critical".

KPI1 is showing as 9.

KPI2 is showing as 1

but both showing same values.now showing wrong values..