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KPI to return the Max value of a Sum

I feel like I am close to a fix here, but I can't seem to get the syntax right... I have a spreadsheet with the following columns: Goals, Assists, Points, Year (there's actually more to it, but this is the general gist). I want to create a KPI box in Qlik Sense that returns the highest sum of all goals, assists, and points (seperately) for a given year (or all years if not filtered). In other words, if this is the data:


Jeff                5               2015

Matt               10              2015

Jeff               9               2015

The KPI box should return "14" for 2015 because Jeff scored 5 + 9.

So, somehow, I know I need to incorporate MAX and SUM together, but can't figure out the way to do it. Any help would be appreciated!  

The app and data are attached if that is helpful.         

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Re: KPI to return the Max value of a Sum


max(aggr(sum(POINTS), PLAYER))

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Re: KPI to return the Max value of a Sum

That was an easy fix!! Thanks Massimo! Sorry if it was a dumb question.