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Leader board

Hi All,

i need some ideas on developing leader board dashboard.. for eg:

we have 4 divivsions

revenue for year, quarter, month

divisions  revenue

abc          20000

bcd          30000

efd          40000

der          10000

now in my dashboard i need to  show in some new kind of visualization, may be kind of leader board.. Kind of ranking to encarage the division operational team to complete the task soon..

may be in a race track with car showing names of division from 1 st rank to last one by one

or bubbles at floating higher based on the ranking of revenue closed by them.

is there any extension available or any other way..? in Qlikview above the chart we could have put transparent images to make some new visualisation, how to do it in  Qlik Sense...

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Re: Leader board

Guys please let me know, if anyone worked on this kind of requirement..

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Re: Leader board

Hi Vinay Kumar,

Thats a brilliant requirement. If i was give such a requirement I would have built an extension like this:

A Force diagram which has circles, each circles size would be the measure(in your case revenue). So the ones with highest revenues would be the circles which are big. Now the top 5 big circles will be having the Images of the respective individual or divisions with a ranking badge attached to it.

Doing so as soon as you look at the visualisation you will be able to figure out the leader in a glance and obviously standout from others.

As this being a force layout, I can't tell you how much you they would love to play with it.

Let me know if you need help in building it.

Note: Make use of D3 to build it as this makes your life easier.



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Re: Leader board

‌have a look at the card visualisation on qlik branch.  I've used it for top 5 top 10 country ranking which looks great with flags.  If you have some diVision n icons it could work nice to.

Re: Cards! New extension released on Qlik Branch

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Re: Leader board

Here's an example of how I used card extension in my example app.