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Legend issus with line chart using alternate dimension(s)

Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1

qliksenseserver: 11.11.2

I've created a line chart and defined 2 dimensions, 2 alternate dimensions and a measure (and an alternate measure)

Looks great when initially opening.

Count on the Y axis, Dates on the X axis and Locations for the lines.  Legend appears fine too.

When I use the Exploration Menu to chose one of the Alternate Dimensions, the lines on the chart appear correct but the legend becomes 'funky' - its showing a subset of the Locations not the list of the now selected dimension, nor all the locations where the Departments (one of the alternates) exist.

However, if I clone the line graph and make Department the dimension displayed when the graph opens, the legend and the chart display correctly.

Same thing with the third dimension.

Same thing if I use 2 dimensions only and it didn't seem to matter which two dimensions.

Is this a known 'feature'?  Does a later release / patch fix this?

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

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