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Line Chart get x value from y expression

Hi Community,

i want to use a Line Chart to get a course of the number of Sales.

The x-axis are the months of each year since the year 2000. 

The expression for y values looks like:

=SUM((Date(Date#([rentalstart],'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD-MM-YYYY')<=Date(Date#(X_Value,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD-MM-YYYY')) AND (IsNull([rentalend]) OR Date(Date#([rentalend],'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD-MM-YYYY') >= Date(Date#(X_Value,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD-MM-YYYY')))*-1

For the calculation on y-axis, i need the selected value on x-axis, that replaces the field X_Value in the expression.

Is there a Function or something like getCurrentXValue(), that i can call from the expression?

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Re: Line Chart get x value from y expression