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Line chart, cumulative, multiple lines

Hi Community,

Im trying to display  cumulative value based on date for multiple companies in a line chart. Basically the idea is to display a cumulative line for each selected company, ie.  If I select 2 companies, it should draw a 2 lines, one for each company.

Heres what ive have done:

I have a table that has 3 columns.

CompanyTransaction dateTransaktio_ distributed
Company x1.1.20151
Company x1.2.20151
Company x1.3.20151
Company x1.4.20151
Company y1.1.20151
Company y1.2.20151
Company y1.3.20151
Company y1.4.20151

What Im doing, is displaying a linechart with Company and Transaction date as dimensions, and the following expression as a measure:  rangesum( above( total sum(Transaktio_distributed),0,1000)).

If I select only Company x, the data is correctly displayed. If I select both companies, the numbers get all messed up. 

What formula do I need to use for Transaction distributed for this to work?

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Re: Line chart, cumulative, multiple lines

Was able to figure it out

(Aggr(RangeSum(Above(Sum(Transaktio_capital_called), 0, RowNo())), Company, (Hvuosi, (Numeric))))