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Load Multiple Tables


I am new to QLiksense, need experts suggestions

1. can we load multiple tables in Qliksense as in qlikview ?

2. Will it able to connect all type data sources supported by Qlikview ?

3. Can we write macro's to do any back end operations.

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Re: Load Multiple Tables

Hi there.

1.  YES ->  the script language is the same as QlikView with some small exceptions:  

- There are some new script functions pertaining to geo fields and to date fields.

- Also the syntax for soucing a data source refers to individual  data connections stored in a repository (rather than everything being a one off.

Go to the 'load editor' in Qlik Sense, instead of 'edit script' in qlikview.

2. YES . However QlikView provided some native connectors which are still in the process of being ported over to Qlik Sense (Salesforce, SAP etc...)  These will be available in the next few months.  In the meantime you can institute a global setting to revert qlik sense into understanding qlikview script that uses these connectors as long as you develop the script in qlikview first (and have installed the connectors).  Evaluation licenses would be need for qlikview and any licensed connector (SAP) to trial this ability.

3. There is no macro language in qlik sense but there is the extension language. Here is a link to the developer help web site:   https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-us/developer/.    Be sure to all check out the new community of shared developer projcets on http://branch.qlik.com  ... some great stuff up there.

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