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Loading Location coordination with inline load

Hello all,

I am trying to a simple scatter chart in Qlik Sense where I am trying to view the metrics (ie occupancy %) by seat arrangements in a bus. I donot have a KML file defined for the seat layout. I am trying to create my own co-ordinates and trying to inline load the same as below.


Load * Inline [

ID, Seat, Seat_GeoLocation

1, A1, [[[[13,43],[20,43],[20,50],[13,50],[13,43]]]]

2, B1,  [[[[13,53],[20,53],[20,60],[13,60],[13,53]]]]

3, C1,  [[[[13,63],[20,63],[20,70],[13,70],[13,63]]]]

4, A2, [[[[23,43],[30,43],[30,50],[23,50],[23,43]]]]

5, B2,  [[[[23,53],[30,53],[30,60],[23,60],[23,53]]]]

6, C2,  [[[[23,63],[30,63],[30,70],[23,70],[23,63]]]]


The column 3 in the inline load defines the polygon co-ordinates. A,B,C indicate the seat series Can you please let me know if this is doable in Qlik or do i have to generate a kml file for doing the same ?

Please let me know if you need more details.


Best Regards


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