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Local Time Zone for a client

Hi all,

is there a way in Qlik Sense to determine the local time / time zone of the client? Let me explain... The data is managed in GMT, and the server time is managed in GMT. Therefore all QlikView functions such as today() and now() return GMT time.

However, the users are scattered across multiple time zones. Some are located in Chicago, and some are in California, etc... The requirement is to show the data to each user based on the user's location (the local computer, or the browser's local time zone). This would apply to the definition of "today's sales", as well as to the Hourly charts.

So, here is the question: can we find out what time zone (or what is the local time) at the client computer?

thanks in advance for your thoughts,

Oleg Troyansky

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Re: Local Time Zone for a client

I reckon that needs an extension that gets the timezone offset from the users browser with a bit of javascript and stuffs that value in a variable for use in expressions. Or a table in your data model that associates users with their timezone... which won't work too well if the users move around too much.

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Re: Local Time Zone for a client

Thanks Gysbert,

I was thinking along these lines, but hoped to find something within the product...

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Re: Local Time Zone for a client

Hey Guys!

I have the same ask from my Client. Can you pls. attach sample app which have these Logic applied ?

Thanks In Advance!

Br, Balanandam