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Locale issue in Qlik Sense 3.0?


Have anyone else seen this error message in the console?

Language 'nb' not supported, falling back to 'en-US'

(The language 'nb' would be your local language.)

I suspect this is creating some problems with my date formatting. Any hints on what causes this would be highly appreciated!



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Re: Locale issue in Qlik Sense 3.0?

Have you tried to have a look at the Qlik Sense Help?

Here is the link where you can find answer how to change language in Qlik Sense.


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Re: Locale issue in Qlik Sense 3.0?

Norwegian is not a supported language (in that the user interface is not currently translated into Norwegian). - and so the UI falls back to the default language - English-US.

This is not an actual error as such, and there's probably no need for the message to be logged to the console at all.

What issues are you seeing with date formatting? - are you still seeing them?

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Re: Locale issue in Qlik Sense 3.0?

Thanks Michael, that's reassuring. The date issues I had was related to the change from sense 2.2 to 3.0. I've handled them.