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Login access token ?

What if a person forgets to log out after seeing the dashboard. If he is logged in in an browser and doing some other work leaving the dashboard still logged in using login access token. Is he going to consume all the access tokens.

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Re: Login access token ?

When the user remains active after their first hour, a second Login Access Pass is consumed. This hourly process would continue until their session ends which can happen one of three ways:

-The user logs out

-The user closes the browser (not just the tab)

-The user is inactive longer than the timeout in the Qlik®  Management Console (QMC). (This setting can be found in the proxy settings under [Session Inactivity Timeout (minutes)] and is 30 minutes by default.)


Re: Login access token ?

In the same topic, may i ask, the time will start running when the user accessing with Login Access Pass opens an App, right? Not just entering the hub, i hope,

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Re: Login access token ?

Hello.  Is it possible to set a short timeout limit for those that use login access passes and a long one for those that use user access passes?  Any help is much appreciated...