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Looking for SDLC best practices for Qlik Sense Apps


SDLC = Software Development Life Cycle

Does anyone know of any good references for learning how best to build, test and deploy (with version control) Qlik Sense Enterprise Applications ?

Does Qlik Sense provide native tools ?  or must I buy a 3rd party product such as In4Bi (Version Control Qlik Sense - in4bi.com) to get the job done ?

I know about the basic Design, Build, Test and Publish (to streams) life cycle, but I could use more ... especially version control and rollback support.



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Re: Looking for SDLC best practices for Qlik Sense Apps

I'm keen in seeing what's available too!! Cheers!


Re: Looking for SDLC best practices for Qlik Sense Apps


We are advising multinationals on how to deploy apps with governance.

In short : There is no easy way to do version control, archive and deployment. You are on your own here.

There is no versioning for extensions, mashups or apps.

There is no rollback capability.

1. You can try with the API's. but watch out for switching uuid's between environments and dependencies towards connections and extensions.

2. IN4BI makes a good attempt at providing version control and rollback with the least effort.

It basically boils down to a manual experience and putting the source code of the documents in a git.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Looking for SDLC best practices for Qlik Sense Apps

Hi Dion,

Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps I can take the opportunity to further explain my SDLC needs

1. How can one perform automated testing of applications within Qlik Sense.  Is there a testing framework extension that is good to use ?

2. Do you see the need to institute governance practices in order to ensure a stable software release cycle ? In other words, is it common practice to have Qlik applications first developed in a development environment, and then pending Q&A testing, approve a release (transfer) into a production environment ?