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Managing and publishing community sheets

Hi Qlik Community,

We are on Qlik Sense 2.2 and planning to do the Dev upgrade to 3.0 this weekend and most probably the Prod migration next weekend.

We recently encountered challenge around managing community sheets when ready to roll-out to the primary audience. The business and our developers are co-developing a lot of exciting dashboards (sheets). The order of operation is generally:

1) An app is architected and a prototype base sheet is produced by IT and published

2) The business and/or finance clones these sheet templates and starts customizations working with our Qlik developers in a UAT stream

3) We currently cannot figure out how to move the developed sheet out of the UAT stream to roll-out to the larger organization

We can see in QMC console where the community APP object (tagged as unapproved) is located but see no move/copy functionality.  Any attempt to export or duplicate the app only carries the base sheets originally produced by IT.  Researching http://help.qlik.com did not clearly identify this limitation/bug or provide a solution. 

Hoping you can point us in the right direction and/or advise what the ideal framework is for coordinating sheet development between business and developers.