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Map point labels (using qlik sense map)

I have points on my map bubbles sized by  group and colored by measure.  The  issue is the labels - I cannot get them to work unless I have a single point selected.  We are release Nov 2018 and I am using the Qlik sense map chart.

The  [Sales Group Size] field is defined in script as dual where the text value is A - E (numeric 1-5) and they want to see text value in the label.  Issue is that map is showing the numeric value.  I thought by having field as dual - it would use the number for the bubble size and use the text value for the label - it doesn't work that way apparently.  For the measure I want to color the bubble green if the value is at or above the total avg and red if below. 

I tried using color by expression - but it won't let me put a label in at all - it says  "Color Expression:  " for the label which is not acceptable to the customer.


If  I have multiple point showing on map or multiple selected - then I get this


I created a master measure and color segments for the red/green.   The label I cannot get to work unless a single point is selected.  I tried various things - first sorted value in front of aggr ... but to no avail.  The dual value is so I can use the numbers to create my color segments - I thought maybe the text would show as the label 


IF(sum([RO.COUNT])=0 or

(sum(vCount)/Sum([RO.COUNT]) < sum(TOTAL vCount)/Sum(TOTAL [RO.COUNT])),dual('Dealer Below Avg',-1),

IF(sum(vCount)/Sum([RO.COUNT]) >= sum(TOTAL vCount)/Sum(TOTAL [RO.COUNT]),dual('Dealer At/Above Avg',1)))


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