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Maps in a Qlik Sense (Cloud) app


I created an app recently, pulling in data from my ERP system (via ODBC connector) and also from Saleforce (via Salesforce connector).

I noticed that maps became an option to use and was able to create a split of orders by country etc.

I didn't do anything specific re maps, but the auto-generated section of the Load Editor contains a lot of code opening up [lib://AttachedFiles/countryAliases.qvd] etc. As it's on the cloud, I don't even know where this file is.

I thought it had done this automatically because it recognised the Country field on one or other of the above data sources. However, I have tried to use maps in a new app and there are no dimensions and no such code in the Load Editor. I even tried to copy/paste the code from the previous app but that didn't work.

I have tried to use both the same ERP data and also the same Salesforce data, but in neither case does it recognise that there's geo related information, so no code is auto-generated.

I don't understand how this code ever appeared in the first place.

How would I get the same map functionality in an app when the code is not auto-generated?


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