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Measure - Previous Day

Trying to create a measure that will count the orders from previous day.  Basically, if used in table, it should look as follows, referencing the current day to check order ids from previous day:

Date          Value

9/17/2018  (Order Count from 9/16/2018)

9/16/2018  (Order Count from 9/15/2018)

9/15/2018  (Order Count from 9/14/2018)... so on

I have an expression so far:


but this expression does not correctly do this, instead, this expression would produce the following when used in table:

Date          Value

9/17/2018  0

9/16/2018  (Order Count from 9/16/2018)

9/15/2018  0    ....  so on...

Any way I could change this expression to get the desired table?

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Measure - Previous Day

I could probably give you an answer after looking at your data model. but first I might suggest a different approach to the problem.

The function Below() can be useful here.