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Measure expressions that calc using select dim ranges

I've got two tables that are joined by a key.  One table has events the other dates.  The dates table is the dimension and the events table is used to calculate the measure.  The measure I want to calculate is events per day.  Such that, if the user selects 7 days and 7 events happened during that 7 day period the measure would be 1 event / day.  The problem that I've run into is that if no events occurred until the 7th and final day my metric calculates out to 7 events per day because only one day had a corresponding record in the dates table.  The first 6 days had no events and were excluded from the denominator.  Here's the expression I was trying to use.  max([Event Date]) - min([Event Date]) What I really need is the max(selected value from date table) - min(selected value from date table)

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Measure expressions that calc using select dim ranges

Is event date not equal to date from date table? I am not sure I am understanding your question. Can you elaborate and if possible share a sample?

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