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Missing data when concatenating from QVD file

We want to do an incremental load from a QVD file.

In a first step we store all data in a QVD file:

STORE Table INTO '$(QVDPath)' (qvd);

As far as we can tell this step works. For subsequent runs of the load script we want to retrieve all data that has been changed since the last run and concatenate it with the existing data from the QVD file:

Concatenate LOAD * FROM '$(QVDPath)' (qvd) WHERE NOT Exists(public_id);

We followed the examples in this file, particularly case 3 (Insert and Update (No Delete)): https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/1.1/Subsystems/Hub/Content/LoadData/UsingQVDFilesIncrementalLoad.h...

When the load script has finished we're missing 300,000 out of 8,300,000 records. Any idea what we could have overlooked?

[NB we're running Qlik Sense 2.2.4]

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Re: Missing data when concatenating from QVD file

Hi Philipp,

i dont get it, you store a qvd using '$(QVDPath)' and after you load from the same qvd excluding the files there already there? The result will be zero files right?

But if '$(QVDPath)' change, try first see the records before concatenate.