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Contributor III

Missing synth tables.

Not a question, but a heads up for others (as I doubt I will be the last person to get confused about this). 

There is a new feature in 3.0 that "hides" the synth tables. My training app was somehow set to hide synth tables from the get go, so I originally just thought it was new functionality to 3.0.  I was informed by a QLIK expert that this is absolutely incorrect and that I must just not be seeing the tables.  Turns out we were both right, there is new functionality and there is also synth tables being created.  There is a new icons (I am told, I never worked with QLIK Sense v2.x) that toggle between two views: "internal table view" and "Source Table View". "Source Table View" hides the synth tables. See attached snips. MissingSynth.PNGTraditionalView.PNG

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Re: Missing synth tables.

The Source Table View is the input tables before being transformed by the load script - so they cannot have any synthetic keys as they have not been created by running the load script.  It is not that the synthetic keys are hidden, they simply do not exist yet.

The Internal Table View is the output tables after being transformed by the load script, which will be after any synthetic tables have been created.