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Multi-language functionality in Qlik Sense

Hi everyone

At my workplace we're currently implementing a SIB/PoC with Qlik Sense. Has anyone some experience with how to implement multi-language functionality within one Qlik Sense App? We need to provide each App for German, Italian and French speaking employees, but do not wish to duplicate/triplicate an app just for reasons of language. Triggering the initial choice of language for a user is done at calling an app and linking with information stored in LDAP profile.

Thanx for sharing & season's greeting


Bonjour à tous

Nous sommes en train d'implémenter un prototype avec Qlik Sense. Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui a déjà implémenté des applications Qlik Sense contenant la fonction pour plusieurs langues? Il nous faut de présenter tous les applications pour nos collègues en Allemand, Italien et Français. Mais c'est bien entendu que nous ne voulons pas copier une application pour raison de la langue. Le choix initial de la langue sera mis au moment de lancer une application selon les informations inclus dans le profile LDAP.

Merci pour vos réponses et les meilleurs voeux pour la fin d'année


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Re: Multi-language functionality in Qlik Sense

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Re: Multi-language functionality in Qlik Sense

Hi QlikCsgg,

Its possible to have Multi - Language support in Qlik.

Check this out:  This has an example attached.

How does the fieldvalue function work

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Re: Multi-language functionality in Qlik Sense

Hi Marcus

Thank you for your answer. Thus, also for Qlik Sense, the same approach as in Qlikview? E.g. as below an earlier setup I've done in Qlikview some years ago..


Re: Multi-language functionality in Qlik Sense

In general the same approach should work. You might need a small adjustment here and there - for example instead of using a variable vLanguage rather a set analysis approach like in the example from jagan.

- Marcus

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Re: Multi-language functionality in Qlik Sense

As it stands no you cannot give a full multi language experience through a single app using Qlik Sense at present.

You can use a variety of methods to make your data model and app multi lingual as the guys above have suggested but at present there are gaps in content of your application you can present in multiple languages.

Current gaps include but not limited to

Sheet names

Measure labels in charts

When you go to enter multi lingual text in these sections you need to be able to set the label by expression for these methods to work.  Currently you can only hard code these items hence my inability to provide my clients a full multi lingual experience.

Hopefully these issues will be addressed in future releases.  In the mean time apps by language are your only options for full language support although I understand the overhead this creates.