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Multiply Variable and Field

hello Guys,

I want to multiply a Variable and a Field . Is it possible to do that ?

I have variables set as :- terminal and field as :- hours

I want to multiply these two things as a dimension expression and  show in a data sheet .


This is not working .. Kindly help me with this



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Re: Multiply Variable and Field

you have to make sure that $(v_Terminal) returns a value

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Re: Multiply Variable and Field

Hi Ravi,

Have you tried NUM($(v_Terminal))*NUM(Hours)?

Probably $(v_Terminal) is causing the issue. Experiment with the following options:

$(=v_Terminal) * Hours

v_Terminal * Hours

Or when the v_Terminal is multiplied with multiple Hour fields, then use a function like SUM.

SUM($(v_Terminal) * Hours)

$(vTerminal) * SUM(Hours)


Good luck.

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Re: Multiply Variable and Field

HI Ravi,

Check the above suggestion's i.e. The variable is returning the value you expect and also the are both numbers.

The next thign you have to take in to consideration is the Aggrations of the Hour field.

You will probably want something like

SUM(Hours)*$(v_Terminal) or SUM(Hours)*vTerminal - Depends on if your variable needs to be evaluated (dollar expanded)



Re: Multiply Variable and Field

Thanks Guys,

Will try if it works , Thanks for your kind help