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Navigation Issue while clicking in table cell

Hi Experts,

I have used Dynamic Table sparkline Extension in qliksense. My requirement is when I click in table cell It should navigate to different sheet.I have achieved this. I have developed the application in my desktop version. There is no section access in app. After publishing the application I can navigate to other sheet by clicking tin the table cell but when my collegues try to do the same they get the 'Access Denied' message. They already have the access to required stream and app. They can very well open the sheets independently, but when they click on the table cell 'Access Denied' message gets pop up.

For e.g if I click on '60%' it navigates to different sheet.I have used href function in expression.

'<a href="https://XXXXXXXX/XXXXXXX/sense/app/XXXXX/sheet/XXXXXXX/state/analysis/options/select/FIELDNAME/VALUE">'

what could be the possible reason for this?



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