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Need some help

I have below questions

1) I have 4 charts in sheet, when I select value in filter only three charts should be change and fourth chat will not be reflected. How can we achieve this.

2) When we have compound key in the script, how the incremental load will process?

3) I have top 5 products in bar chart based on sales, Now I want display their sum sales value as KPI .



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Re: Need some help


Find the comments for respective questions below.

1. This can be achieved using the Set Analysis in Qlik.

2. This depends on the scenario. But you can have a look at the incremental script in below link.

Incremental loading - All scenarios

3. This you can code using the set analysis.


Kaushik Solanki

Contributor II

Re: Need some help

1. You can ignore the selections with Set Analysis. For example Sum({<Year=>}Sales). That will ignore the selections in the fiel Year. Or you can use Alternate Estates

2. I dont really know n,nU

3. Kaushik, you can not do it with set Analysis because the top are dynamical. Maybe something like Numsum(Substring(Text_with_the_values in order,',',4)) but i dont really know in this moment how to order the values in a text string

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